Trying to make the law accessible.

Welcome to my blog. I will be discussing everything to do with the law and the legal system both in this country and other jurisdictions.

The law can be one of the most fascinating and controversial of subjects and it is the objective of this blog to discuss, argue and dispute with everyone interested in the law and not just the lawyers.

2 thoughts on “Trying to make the law accessible.

  1. this is a copy/paste of a letter that I received today into my email box…I tried to find a email address for you but in the panoply of blogs, sites, etc etc…no email, so I am using this method to get a message to you as I am not in england and cannot ´phone you…
    do you know anything about this….and what should I do if indeed you are acting in good faith………?
    see below:

    I have emailed you earlier, still awaiting your response. In my first email I mentioned about my late client whose relatives, I cannot get in touch with. I am compelled to do this because I would not want the bank to push my clients funds into the bank’s treasury as unclaimed inheritance.

    This mail is written and intended to solicit your assistance to be presented as the HEIR to my Late Client since you are a foreigner and only a foreigner can lay claims on this inheritance. The Governing Body of the Bank has contacted me on this matter and I am yet to provide the HEIR to lay claims to the Fund. Under a clear and legitimate agreement with you,I shall seek your consent to be presented as the HEIR so that my late Client’s fund will not be Confiscated by the Bank and pushed into the bank treasury as unclaimed bills.

    For the sake of Transparency on this matter, you are free to make immediate contact for further clarification and explanation on this matter. I will need you also to confirm your

    Full Name:

    Marital Status:



    Contact telephone number to ascertain the fact that I am dealing with the right person.

    Thank you very much for your anticipated acceptance while we expect your prompt response to this matter as the urgency demands.

    Yours faithfully,

    John Cooper.(QC)

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